Plug-and-play Simplicity and
Durability Matter

One of the most popular Moxa unmanaged switches among
industrial automation engineers in the US and Japan

Expand Network with Ease and Reliability

The more data points you can connect, the more business insights you can leverage. For industrial applications, especially in harsh environments, the need for rapid and reliable network expansion is even more crucial for safety and productivity.

Industrial networks need to consider a number of critical factors. First of all, most cabinets, whether existing or newly added, need to accommodate more devices. Secondly, what if your network gets bogged down by heavy data traffic? Or worse, what if a power failure takes your connected devices offline? Lastly, deployment and maintenance budgets are crucial for sustaining long-term operation.

To address the needs of rapidly-expanding industrial networks, Moxa has developed a new series of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches—the EDS-2000 Series—with an extra-small footprint that offer reliability, easy deployment, and flexibility for a variety of industrial applications.

Application Note

Learn how the EDS-2000-ML Series unmanaged switches help you get ahead with rapid and reliable network deployment.

Product Values and Benefits

1. Flexibility

Small and slim form factors with 5 to 18 ports options

  • Gigabit combo ports for versatile uplinks
  • Up to 2 Gigabit combo ports for fast and flexible uplinks

(Only available for the EDS-2000-ML Series)

Plastic and metal housing options providing the same high-quality specs at different price points offer flexibility in budget evaluation

2. Easy Deployment

QoS and BSP by DIP Switch

Automatic warnings for power and port failure

(Only available for the EDS-2000-ML Series)

Multiple DIN-rail mounting options

(Only available for the EDS-2000-ML Series)

3. Reliability

  • Install-and-forget durability with high MTBF
  • Five-year warranty

Power redundancy

(Only available for the EDS-2000-ML Series)

-40 to 75°C operating temperature range

Full range of industry certifications

(Only available for the EDS-2000-ML Series)

Application: How to Use

The EDS-2000 Series unmanaged switches can be used in most industrial automation field sites such as factory automation, process automation, oil and gas, intelligent transportation, energy management, and mining, which will help you get ahead with rapid and reliable network deployment. Download the application notes to learn more about how to use the EDS-2000 Series.

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