RT Series 5/6/8/10/15/20 kVA

A total solution for reliable power with high availability and performance

The Amplon RT Series 5-20kVA is an online double-conversion UPS that provides best-in-class designs in compact 2U size, high power density, system efficiency, and versatile configurations to fulfill customers’ requirements. Unity output power factor maximizes capacity for more critical loads, while outstanding energy savings can be achieved based on the AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode. In addition, RT Series 5-20kVA UPS is the first in the market that offers standard Li-ion external battery cabinets, which deliver better power density and sustainability. Along with the parallel capacity of up to four units, the new series is the ideal small power UPS for mission-critical applications, such as servers, data centers, telecommunications, and manufacturing.Applications:

Delta RT Series 5/6/8/10 kVA Single Phase UPS, 15/20 kVA Three Phase UPS - Applications

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Availability & Flexibility

  • True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery provides 24/7 full-time protection
  • Wide input voltage range allows the UPS to operate in harsh electrical environments and extends battery life
  • AC-start function allows the UPS to be switched on without connecting to a battery
  • Programmable load bank disconnects non-critical loads when a blackout occurs and reserves more battery power for critical loads
  • Up to four units parallel capacity allows redundancy and load expansion
  • Hot swappable batteries ensure continuous operation even when batteries are being replaced
  • VRLA and Li-ion External Battery Cabinet (EBC) are available for scalable runtime
  • Extended Runtime models support flexible battery quantity for battery investment optimization. And when one battery fails, it could be removed without replacing the entire battery string, reducing maintenance cost and efforts
  • The Power Distribution Box (PDB) and Maintenance Bypass Breaker (MBB), which are default to RT 5-10kVA
  • Standard Runtime models, enable simple configuration
  • The Maintenance Bypass Breaker (MBB) is optional for easy UPS replacement without powering down critical systems
  • The rRPP (Rack Remote Power Panel), which can be integrated with standard server racks, simplifies power output distribution and power monitoring
  • Common battery configuration is supported in UPS parallel mode to save installation space and additional battery costs

Efficiency & Reliability

  • Unity output power factor guarantees no de-rating with loads and provides permanent 100% kW
  • Best-in-class AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode lowers energy costs
  • Automatic fan speed control maximizes system efficiency and significantly reduces audible noise and prolongs battery life
  • Fan failure detection sends early warnings to facilitate predictive maintenance of UPS


  • Intelligent battery management to extend battery life and maximize battery performance. The battery aging detection monitors battery status for predictive maintenance, and the 3-stage charging mechanism keeps the battery from continuous float charging during the intermission stage to prolong battery life
  • Excellent local management through a user-friendly graphical and multi-lingual LCD display
  • Various types of communication interfaces, including USB, RS-232, and RS-485 ports, mini slot, REPO/ROO for remote management, and in-built dry contacts for monitoring and notification of system operation conditions
  • UPS management software such as ShutdownAgent and InfraSuite Device Manager allow users to monitor UPS status and protect critical devices

Technical Specifications

RT-5K Power Rating : 5kVA / 5kW
RT-6K Power Rating : 6kVA / 6kW
RT-8K Power Rating : 8kVA / 8kW
RT-10K Power Rating : 10kVA / 10kW
RT-15K3P Power Rating : 15kVA / 15kW
RT-20K3P Power Rating : 20kVA / 20kW
Voltage Range : RT-5/6/8/10K 100 ~ 280V (Single phase, 2-wire + G)
100 ~ 175V with linear de-rating 50 ~ 100%
Voltage Range : RT-15/20K3P 138 ~ 485V (Three phase, 4-wire + G)
138 ~ 305V with linear de-rating 40 ~ 100%
Frequency 40 ~ 70 Hz
Power Factor > 0.99 (full load)
iTHD < 3%
Input connection : RT-5/6/8/10K Input terminal x 1
Input connection : RT-15/20K3P Input terminal x 1, Bypass Input terminal x 1
Power Factor Unity
Voltage : RT-5/6/8/10K 200, 208, 220, 230, 240 Vac (Single phase)
Voltage : RT-15/20K3P 380/400/415 Vac (Three phase), or 220/230/240 Vac (Single phase)
Frequency 50/60Hz ±0.05Hz
Voltage Harmonic Distortion ≤ 2% (linear load)
Overload Capability : RT-5/6/8/10K ≤ 105%: continuous
106 ~ 125%, 5 min.
126 ~ 150%, 1 min.
> 150%: 500ms
Overload Capability : RT-15/20K3P ≤ 105%: continuous
106 ~ 125%: 2 min.
126 ~ 150%: 30 sec
> 150%: 200ms
Standard Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : C13x6, C19x2, Terminal x 1, Load bank: C19x1
[RT-8/10K] : C13x6, C19x4, Terminal x 1, Load bank: C19x1
Extended Runtime Model [RT-5/6/8/10K] : Terminal x 1, Load bank: Terminal x 1
[RT-15/20K3P] : Terminal x 1
AC-AC [RT-5/6/8/10K] : Up to 95.5%
[RT-15/20K3P] : Up to 96.5%
ECO Mode Up to 99%
Battery Voltage
Standard Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : 192 Vdc
[RT-8/10K] : 240 Vdc
Extended Runtime Model [RT-15/20K3P] : ±144 Vdc*, ±192 ~ 264 Vdc
Charger Current
Standard Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : 1A (default)
[RT-8/10K] : 1.5A (default)
[RT-15/20K3P] : Up to 8A
Extended Runtime Model Up to 8A
Typical Backup Time
Standard Runtime Model – 75% load [RT-5K] : 7.5 min.
[RT-6K] : 5.5 min.
[RT-8K] : 9 min.
[RT-10K] : 6 min.
[RT-15/20K3P] : Depending on different configurations required by customers
Standard Runtime Model – Full load [RT-5K] : 5 min.
[RT-6K] : 3 min.
[RT-8K] : 5 min.
[RT-10K] : 3.5 min.
Extended Runtime Model Depending on different configurations required by customers
Audible Noise [RT-5/6K] : 48 dB
[RT-8/10K] : 50 dB
[RT-15/20K3P] : 54 dB
Display Graphical and multi-lingual LCD
Communication Interfaces MINI Slot x 1, Parallel Port** x 2, USB Port x 1, RS232 Port*** x 1, RS485 Port x 1, REPO/ROO Port x 1, Dry Contact x 4
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Standard Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : 440 x 665 x 176 mm
[RT-8/10K] : 440 x 750 x 218 mm
Extended Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : 440 x 430 x 88.2 mm
[RT-8/10K] : 440 x 565 x 88.2 mm
[RT-15/20K3P] : 440 x 760 x 88.2 mm
Standard Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : 54 kg
[RT-8/10K] : 85.5 kg
Extended Runtime Model [RT-5/6K] : 10.9 kg
[RT-8/10K] : 15.2 kg
[RT-15/20K3P] : 22.5 kg
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 55° C****
Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95% (non-condensing)


Rear Views


Amplon RT 5/6/8/10 kVA - rear views for EMEA, SEASouth America, India, Taiwan, Korea

Amplon RT 5/6/8/10 kVA extended model UPS rear views for all regionsChina

Amplon RT 5/6/8/10 kVA UPS rear views for ChinaNorth America

Amplon RT 5/6/8/10 kVA UPS rear views for North AmericaRT 15/20 kVA

For all available regions

Amplon RT 15/20 kVA UPS rear view