RowCool 70/95 kW, Chilled Water


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RowCool for effective heat removal in data centers

As the power density increases in modern data centers, traditional precision cooling fails to provide complete cooling for the following situations:

  • Load variations for peak and off-peak period
  • High power density
  • Uneven heat distribution

The Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling RowCool Chilled Water can effectively solve the above problems.



  • High power density rack area
  • Environment that requires precise environmental control

Precision Cooling - RowCool 70kW


High Availability
Built-in dual input for better power reliability
Panel made of cold-rolled steel plate and coated with surface electrostatic spraying of epoxy is highly resistant to rust
Built-in leakage detector capable of leak display and alert
Modular rack design readily expandable by load to enable quick configuration of new cooling units
Built-in manual dehumidifying for quick and precise dehumidification
Supporting group control and used as backup

High Flexibility

Chilled water pipe suitable for both top and bottom insertion, with top and bottom input power wiring, providing flexible configuration as required
Wheels on bottom for easy moving to locations that need cooling
Disposable filter with high efficiency (MERV 8 ASHRAE 52.2)
Remote monitoring can be carried out through SNMP card, providing more comprehensive system protection
Optional reheater and humidifier accessories for more precise temperature and humidity control

High Efficiency

To comply with the high power density of racks, the RowCool series cooling capacity can increase up to 120kW (HCH1CD0) without changing footprint
– for RowCool 95kW
When Applied to the high temperature settings of inlet water, outdoor units save on power consumption by up to 15~20% when the chiller water temperature increases from 5°C to 12°C
Continuously variable speed fan design for energy saving
Cooling system capable of variable flow control for energy saving
Built-in vortex wafer flow meter capable of monitoring chilled water flow that renders easy display of system status

Technical Specifications

RowCool 70kW
HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier
Maximum cooling capacity *1
70 kW
Sensible cooling capacity
69.3 kW
Input power
3Φ4 W+G/50,60 Hz/ 380 V
Maximum input power
HCH1CB0: 3 kW
HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier: 14 kW
Maximum current
HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier: 22 AMP
Air flow
11400 CMH (6700 CFM)
EC Fan
Number of fans
3 n
Water flow
111.2 LPM
(HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier)
8.1 kW (27600 Btu/HR)
12.3 Amp
3 n
(HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier)
3 kg/h
Power consumption
2.25 kW
3.5 Amp
Filter (disposable)
Filter classe
30-35 % MERV8
Tubing Dimensions
Inlet water
32 A mm (1 1/4 in) PT thread female
Outlet water
32 A mm (1 1/4 in) PT thread female
Drain pipe
20 A mm (3/4 in) PT thread male
Humidifier supply water
HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier:10 A mm (3/8 in)PT thread male
Connections of inlet/outlet water
Bottom / Top(optional)
Power Wiring
Both at top and bottom
Communication Interface
SNMP slot x1 (SNMP card is optional), RS232x1, RS485x1 (Modbus protocol), Input dry contact x2, Output dry contact x2, Temperature sensor x3, Remote temperature/humidity sensor x1
SNMP card, Connection tube for top tubing, Humidifier accessory kit, reheater accessory kit, Remote temperature/humidity sensor, Drain Pump, Washable filter
Height (wo/w packaging)
2000 / 2220 mm
Width (wo/w packaging)
600 / 764 mm
Depth (wo/w packaging)
1090 / 1342 mm
Weight (Gross / Operating)
HCH1CB0: 368 / 414 kg
HCH1CB0 with reheater/humidifier: 375 / 421 kg
Please contact Delta or a local distributor for new specifications regarding the constant improvements Delta makes for various lines of products.
1. Testing standard of cooling capacity at 60Hz

Returned air 40.6°C (DB) / 21.6°C(WB)
Incoming chilled water temperature 7.2 °C
Temperature difference of inlet and outlet chilled water 8.8 °C

2. Reference for cooling capacity testing: ASHARE 127 and GB/T 19413-2003

3. Operation conditions: inlet water temperature 5~15°C, return air temperature 4~40°C DB, 30~85% non-condensing

4. Specifications are subject to change due to constant product updates

RowCool 95kW
HCH1CD0 with Humidity Control
Input power : 3N~, 380V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 4.8kW
Rating capacity *
Capacity : 95.9 kW
Sensible Capacity : 95.9 kW
Max capacity **
Capacity : 122.7 kW
Sensible Capacity : 122.7 kW
Capacity at high inlet water ***
Capacity : 81.2 kW
Sensible Capacity : 81.2 kW
Type : EC fan
Quantity : 3 n.
Air flow : 14050 m3/h
Type : 2way
Max flow : 150 LPM
Inlet water temp. range : 5~22°C
Type : Electric heater
(HCH1CD0 with Humidity Control)
Capacity : 8.1 kW
Type : Electrode
(HCH1CD0 with Humidity Control)
Capacity : 3 kg/h
Type : MERV 1
Inlet pipe : 1 1/4” PT Female
Outlet pipe : 1 1/4” PT Female
Drain pipe : 3/4” ID
Dimension (W x D x H)
600 x 1090 x 2000 mm
HCH1CD0 : 415 kg
HCH1CD0 with Humidity Control : 422 kg
* Operation conditions: 40.6°C (DB), 21.6°C (WB), inlet water temperature 7°C, rated water flow
** Operation conditions: 48.9°C (DB), 23.9°C (WB), inlet water temperature 7°C, maximum water flow
*** Operation conditions: 40.6°C (DB), 21.6°C (WB), inlet water temperature 12°C, temperature difference 9°C