IM Module Series

Features and Benefits

  • Modular design lets you choose from a variety of media combinations
  • Modular design makes port expansion easy


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The IM Module Series has been designed for Moxa’s EDS-728 Series and EDS-828 Series modular switches. The IM Module Series includes 6 Fast Ethernet modules, each with 4 ports supporting the TX, MSC, SSC, and MST media types. In addition, the IM Module Series includes 2 Gigabit Ethernet modules, one with 2 copper ports, and one with 2 fiber ports. Multiple modules can be used with the EDS-728 and EDS-828 switches, allowing each switch to support up to 24 Fast Ethernet ports and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports.


Ethernet Interface
10/100/1000BaseT(X) Ports (RJ45 connector) IM-2GTX: 2, Auto negotiation speed, Auto MDI/MDI-X connection
1000BaseSFP Slots IM-2GSFP: 2
10/100BaseT(X) Ports (RJ45 connector) IM-2MSC/2TX, IM-2MST/2TX, IM-2SSC/2TX: 2
IM-1LSC/3TX: 3, IM-4TX: 4
Supported functions:
Auto negotiation speed
Full/Half duplex mode
Auto MDI/MDI-X connection
100BaseFX Ports (multi-mode SC connector) IM-2MSC/2TX: 2
IM-4MSC: 4
100BaseFX Ports (multi-mode ST connector) IM-2MST/2TX: 2
IM-4MST: 4
100BaseFX Ports (single-mode SC connector) IM-2SSC/2TX: 2
IM-4SSC: 4
100BaseFX Ports, Single-Mode SC Connector, 80 km IM-1LSC/3TX: 1
LED Interface
LED Indicators Fast Ethernet Modules: PWR, P1, P2, P3, P4 port status
Gigabit Modules: Port status
Power Parameters
Power Consumption IM-1LSC/3TX: 2.12 W (max.)
IM-2GSFP: 2.96 W (max.)
IM-2GTX: 3.04 W (max.)
IM-2MSC/2TX, IM-2MST/2TX, IM-2SSC/2TX: 2.06 W (max.)
IM-4MSC, IM-4MST, IM-4SSC: 6.6 W (max.)
IM-4TX: 1.29 W (max.)
Physical Characteristics
Housing IP30
Dimensions Fast Ethernet Modules: 40 x 127.8 x 100 mm (1.57 x 5.03 x 3.94 in)
Gigabit Modules: 24 x 65.9 x 101.1 mm (0.94 x 2.59 x 3.98 in)
Weight IM-1LSC/3TX: 235 g (0.52 lb)
IM-2GSFP: 150 g (0.33 lb)
IM-2GTX: 148 g (0.33 lb)
IM-2MSC/2TX, IM-2SSC/2TX: 245 g (0.54 lb)
IM-2MST/2TX, IM-4MSC: 250 g (0.56 lb)
IM-4MST, IM-4SSC: 270 g (0.6 lb)
IM-4TX: 215 g (0.48 lb)
Standards Telcordia (Bellcore), GB
Warranty Period 5 years
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