BL Series, 400A-6400A


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A Flexible, Safe, and Reliable Low Voltage Power Distribution Solution

The Busway BL Series from Delta are made from epoxy using vacuum casting. Superior to traditional cables or sandwich type busway solutions, Delta’s Busways significantly improve the protection ratings, safety and reliability of products, are ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions, and can be extensively applied to a range of industries. Thanks to the outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of resin, these busways have reduced dimensions, a simplified structure, extended service life, and improved reusability. More importantly, Delta’s Busways provide excellent energy-savings to help our customers enjoy substantial savings on their electricity bills.


Customer Value

  • Flexible modular design allows easy disassembly, reconstruction, and expansion as well as high re-usability
  • Excellent safety, as well as waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, shock-proof, and corrosion-proof
  • Certified according to market-specific or customer-specific needs, such as by the IEC, CNS, GB, and others
  • Highly compact


System Architecture

busway system_BL 400A-6400A - System Architecture


With the rapid growth of global IT industry, factories are built to increasingly large scales. This adds to the demand for quality power supply, safe power transfer and efficient systems, as well as greater expandability. As busway development has reached higher levels of reliability, safety and flexibility due to fast delivery and flexible engineering changes, busways are now used extensively in a variety of industries.

In addition to power transmission/distribution, Delta’s Busways also feature high protection ratings and are ideal for harsh environmental conditions and mission critical applications required high reliability and safety.


Emergency, outdoor applications Petro-chemistry, marine, oil & gas Critical equipment, datacenters Electronics, semiconductor, wafer fabrication Water treatment Wind farms
Waterproof, dustproof IP68
Fireproof and burning-proof
Resistance to chemical corrosion


Key Specifications and Functions
Copper 600A ~ 6400A, Aluminum 400A ~ 5000A
Rated voltage up to 1000V.
Operating ambient temperature -20°C ~50°C, daily average up to 35°C, altitude up to 2,000 meters.
Model 3P3W or 3P4W, 50%G or 100%G.
IP68 at busway feeder section, IP54 at plug-in section.
Modular design, easy disassembling and reassembling, and highly expandable.
Integrated cast resin block, with detachable bridge-type joints.
Easy installation, effective foolproof design to prevent installation errors.
Design and Standards
IEC60439-2, IEC61439, IEC60529, IEC60331, IEC60332
JIS C8364, JIS A1304, JIS H3140
GB7251.1,GB7251.2, ANSI/UL857,NEMA BU-1
Innovative Energy-saving MaterialsNormal busways have high power-consuming resistors in conductors, leading to expensive electricity bills. Delta’s Busway uses state-of-the-art technology to not only cut electricity costs, but also effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, preventing damage to precision equipment.

CoAlly Technology:
Conductors are set to the optimum low-resistance state to reduce energy consumption as well as carbon footprints, while contributing to environmental protection and low power costs.
SiShield Technology:
With a low-impedance electrolytic copper plate, the conductor has optimum low resistance, effectively reducing loss and voltage drops. In addition, the internally coated composite significantly mitigates electromagnetic interference to protect precision equipment.
Flexible and Cost-saving
Delta’s Cast Resin Busway system is only 60% of the size of traditional sandwich busways, and 30% of the size of traditional electrical cable wiring.
The busway joint is constructed as moving connecting modules, easy to assemble, disassemble, expand, and reuse when changing layout.
The plug-in unit works with MCCB from major manufacturers allowing live line operations at anytime to change loads without cutting off power and saving both time and money.
Maintenance-free throughout its service life, reducing OPEX.


Waterproof, Dustproof

Delta’s Cast Resin Busway system implements an integrated, formed design, with the conductors fully sealed in an epoxy composite during casting. Thanks to the outstanding binding and sealing properties of epoxy materials, the cast busways are highly waterproof.

Ideal for demanding weather conditions and rugged operating environments, such as:

  • Outdoors, pipe, AC plant rooms, and other spaces where condensate tends to form
  • Locations with many fire-fighting hoses, water piping and chemical ducts
  • Resistant to salt corrosion, high humidity environment

Fire resistance:
IEC60331 750°C 3hrs
CNS12514 840°C 30mins

Delta’s busways are certified as fire resistance with industrial IEC standard, and conform to the latest fire control regulations. In case of fire, the busways can ensure a continuous emergency power supply to prevent injuries and/or facility damage, and would play an important role in electrical safety.

Shock-proof: 0.8g

Shock-proof rating >0.4g = Magnitude 7.
Shock-proof tests have been performed with simulated reallife building construction, including steel structures, horizontal busways, vertical busways, busway elbows, plug-in units,
hangers, spring hangers and more, to ensure all components are resistant to shock.

Explosion-proof: Exm Ⅱ CNS3376/IEC60079

Ideal for use in a demanding environments with a risk of explosion, such as compressed natural gas filling stations, oil refineries, offshore platforms, wind farms, tunnels, mines, and others.

Impact-proof: IK10

Technical Specifications

Busway Rating
Models: Aluminum – BLA04
Rated current: 400A
Models: Copper – BLC06 / Aluminum – BLA06
Rated current: 600A
Models: Copper – BLC08 / Aluminum – BLA08
Rated current: 800A
Models: Copper – BLC10 / Aluminum – BLA10
Rated current: 1000A
Models: Copper – BLC12 / Aluminum – BLA12
Rated current: 1250A
Models: Aluminum – BLA15
Rated current: 1500A
Models: Copper – BLC16 / Aluminum – BLA16
Rated current: 1600A
Models: Copper – BLC20 / Aluminum – BLA20
Rated current: 2000A
Models: Copper – BLC25 / Aluminum – BLA25
Rated current: 2500A
Models: Copper – BLC32 / Aluminum – BLA32
Rated current: 3200A
Models: Copper – BLC40 / Aluminum – BLA40
Rated current: 4000A
Models: Copper – BLC50 / Aluminum – BLA50
Rated current: 5000A
Models: Copper – BLC64
Rated current: 6400A
Rated voltage
50/60 Hz
Copper purity: 99.9% conductivity: 99.9%IACS
Aluminum purity: 98.0% conductivity: 56.0%IACS
Conductor plating
Tin plating
Insulation material
Epoxy Cast resin
Insulation class
F class 155°C
Fire resistance
IEC60331 750°C 3hrs, IEC60332
CNS12514 840°C 30mins (Special made-C)
Ingress protection rating
Earthquake test
0.8g [magnitude >7]
Mechanical Impact
Plug-in unit
Plug-in type/Bolt-on type
Plug-in type 630A
Bolt-on type 2000A
MCCB brands
Mitsubishi, Fuji, GE, Schneider (MG), or Customer specified
Protection rating
IP42/IP55 (Optional)
Panel coating
Powder coated paint
Coating thickness
Indoor 40μm/outdoor 50μm
JIS C8364,JIS A1304,JIS H3140
GB7251.1,GB7251.2, ANSI/UL857,NEMA BU-1
Ambient temperature
-20°C/+50°C avg.35°C
≦ 2,000m