Transforming Your Ideas into Reality

Critical connectivity in automation is not just about having a fast connection; it is about making people’s lives better and more secure.
Moxa’s connectivity technology helps to make your ideas real. We develop reliable network solutions that enable devices to connect, communicate, and collaborate with systems, processes, and people. Your ideas inspire us. By aligning our brand promise of “Reliable Networks” and “Sincere Service” with our professional competence, we bring your inspirations to life. Together, we can make things in automation smarter, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

To Be a Trusted Partner in Automation

Our experience in connectivity for industrial automation enables us to optimize communication and collaboration between systems, processes, and people. We deliver innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions, so our partners can remain focused on what they do best growing their business.

Enabling Connectivity in Critical Environments

We endeavor to build safer and smarter workplaces in tough environments and uninhabitable terrains.

We’ve been serving the needs of our customers and the telecommunications industry since 1987.

The Company

Our solutions-based philosophy of producing products that deliver value to our customers, together with high-quality service and support, has resulted in an extensive worldwide customer presence.

Networks for Today & Into the Future

In a society focused on Internet-of -Things, where devices are connected to a network with or without wires, a comfortable and secure network infrastructure is not only necessary — it’s required.

Our R&D investments are putting us on the main stage in this exploding era of IoT. As cloud computing uses servers, applications and other resources linked via a network, the infrastructure of that network and the ability to autonomously discover, manage, troubleshoot and resolve network issues will become fundamental to network operations. That’s where we’re here to help.

Organisations are changing at an ever-increasing rate, and let’s face it—that’s not going to change. Businesses face an uphill battle to adapt, and to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, our cities are increasingly becoming more populated; and with this growth, issues such as demand on resources and public safety become a key focus for government and civic leaders.

Today, more than ever, you need a technology partner that has both the vision and the capability to take your network communications to where you need them to be.

We are Robustel.

We make things connected.

Robustel are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial-quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market.

Our portfolio of award-winning solutions includes Wireless Modems, Routers, Gateways, EDGE Computing, Cloud Software and End-to-End IoT solutions.

Robustel are committed to helping businesses and industries across the world continue to solve their IoT & M2M problems. We do this by offering robust, secure, scalable and creative solutions, from hardware to complete ‘IoT-in-a-box’ services.

We are Robustel, and we want to help you Make Things Connected.

What We Do

At TXOne Networks, we work together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense.

The OT zero trust-based technologies we’ve developed go beyond the limitations of traditional cyber defense to streamline management, reduce security overhead, and resolve challenges faster. We offer both network- and endpoint-based solutions that integrate with the layered arrangements and varied assets common to work sites, providing real-time, defense-in-depth cybersecurity to both mission critical devices and the OT network.

Nozomi Networks is the leader in OT and IoT security and visibility.

We accelerate digital transformation by unifying cybersecurity visibility for the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other OT sites around the world.
Our innovation and research make it possible to tackle escalating cyber risks through exceptional network visibility, threat detection and operational insight.

Digital Power

Leading power digitalization for a smart and sustainable world, Huawei Digital Power strives to help carriers improve efficiency and smarten up facilities. Our solutions help both telecom and tower carriers simplify facility deployment, improve power reliability, increase energy efficiency and make O&M smart. Enabling ICT networks to evolve to 5G and cloud smoothly.

Delta Group – a global leader in power electronics

Delta Electronics Inc was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Delta is the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans.

Delta operates in the following seven product areas:

Power management
Renewable energy
Industrial automation
Automotive electronics
Display solutions

Delta’s corporate culture is based on the following values: innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, teamwork and agility.

In accordance with our mission, we carry our responsibility with respect to climate change. Sustainability is a guiding principle in our products and operations.

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