Monitor Your Backup Power Systems With High Performance

A world-leading semiconductor company in Taiwan required the monitoring of their backup power systems in fabrication plants. Monitoring backup power systems, such as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), provides operators information regarding the device status, sufficient power level, and current stability to ensure a stable power supply when emergencies occur. Each UPS comes with a power meter, monitoring the power level and quality, and a temperature sensor, ensuring the UPS is not overheating.

MGate MB3660I-8-2AC

To achieve smooth communication between power devices and SCADA systems, our MGate MB3660 high port-density serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways were deployed to collect power data with high performance and reliability. These gateways support 8 serial ports and feature an active polling mechanism that allows simultaneous serial data acquisition among multiple serial power meters. In addition, the MGate MB3660 Series supports serial isolation and dual power inputs to ensure seamless communication in high EMI environments.

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System Requirements

  • High port-density Modbus
  • RTU-to-Modbus TCP conversion
  • A fast serial data acquisition mechanism to speed up traditional data polling time in a large-scale application
  • Able to endure high EMI environments

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