Business Challenge

Customer A is a fast growing company specialising in the production of intelligent control stations for submersible pumps. In addition to these control stations, the company produces more conventional stations for all types of pumps based on FC-302 VFD and is recognized as an official supplier in the region for the production of control stations.

Experts estimated that 95% of low-output wells in the country did not have any automation or monitoring. The sheer reliance on human interaction with these wells has had negative impact on cash flow, labor and created a lower oil production rate than anticipated.


  • A rugged design using the Robustel R3000 to accommodate wide temperature ranges and safety requirements for oil production areas.
  • Dual-SIM for full cellular redundancy, offering close to 100% uptime.
  • GPS integration to instantly identify the station and pump locations.
  • Real-Time data transfer to a secure cloud environment for analysis and action.

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