A world-leading relay manufacturer in China is building new plants to upgrade its production lines to ensure they are ready for Industry 4.0 applications. In light of increasing ransomware attacks and government regulations, the company would like to build a solid foundation for its plant networks to get ready for the future.

Business Challenge

  • The new plants are located across four buildings. There are 46 production lines and each line includes 60 devices. Due to the large-scale networks, the company needs a comprehensive and future-proof networking solution.
  • The components produced by the company play an essential role within the global power generation supply chain. Any disruption to the production processes would harm its reputation and bottom lines. Therefore, the company considers network availability to be the priority for this project.

Expert Advice

Understand your critical assets and divide them into zones based on your security policy so that you will have a better idea about how to balance the cost you can afford and the risk that you can accept even if you are managing a large-scale network.


If you are considering the possibility of expanding in the future, we suggest building the plant networks from the edge to the core.

  • To ensure maximum network uptime, Moxa’s Turbo Ring supports network recovery times within 50 ms. In addition to network redundancy, Moxa’s switches offer robust security features to ramp up network security.
  • Moxa’s industrial Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) firewalls, EtherFire, offer a high level of protection against cyberthreats from the core level network to the edge networks.
  • With MXview and Security Dashboard Console (SDC), customers can remotely and centrally manage all network devices and trace security incidents.

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