A global manufacturer suffered a large cyberattack and was forced to spend significant resources to get its plants back to normal. It caused not only a fall in profitability but also damage to its reputation. In order to achieve continuous industrial operations, the company needs its networks to be very resistant to disruptions and cyberattacks. To be able to prevent cyberattacks, one of its factories in South East Asia started to look for solutions that can enhance their operational resilience against cyberattacks.

Business Challenge

  • Any new measures that are implemented must not interrupt existing operations.
  • How to efficiently manage all devices and monitor all security incidents across 20 production and assembly lines.
Expert Advice

In order to protect networks and devices, a network design should ensure maximum network uptime and utilize a central management tool that can remotely configure and update all devices.


With an ongoing commitment to ensuring reliable connectivity for industrial aWe suggest tackling the challenges from the perspectives of networking and network protection.

  • To ensure maximum network uptime, Moxa’s Turbo Ring features network recovery times within 50 ms. Moxa’s industrial Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) devices, EtherCatch, help monitor malicious network behavior.
  • With MXview and Security Dashboard Console (SDC), customers can remotely and centrally manage all network devices and trace security incidents.environments, Moxa has enhanced its network security portfolio with Industrial Cybersecurity Solution to mitigate cyberthreats against industrial networks.

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