Mitigating Security Risks

The widespread adoption of the IIoT is resulting in more and more devices being brought online. Traditional centralized networks are giving way to distributed networks where intelligence is built locally into the endpoints. The sheer volume of data collected from these interconnected devices and the complete shift in how data is handled make these devices vulnerable to cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity incidents severely compromise the reliability, availability, and security of industrial control systems (ICS) for critical infrastructure and the manufacturing industry, especially systems that involve Internet-facing ICS/SCADA devices. In light of the increasing number of cyber incidents, system integrators as well as component suppliers are expected to demonstrate their ability to respond to such incidents by proving that their network devices meet the technical requirements defined in the relevant guidelines of the IEC 62443 standard.

Cybersecurity solutions must include enhanced component-level security and a mechanism to manage the security level of devices. To put these security measures into practice, component suppliers must ramp up the security level of their network devices and the network as a whole. The challenge lies in assessing the potential security risks and gaps in the network and implementing an efficient way to configure and manage the security parameters of network devices.

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Why IEC 62443 Standard

Enhance Component-Level Security by Following the IEC 62443 Standard

Prevent Intrusions and Attacks

To prevent network intrusions and attacks, it is essential to have a good access control mechanism in place that can identify, authenticate, and authorize users. Moxa’s network devices support user account, password policy, and authentication interface management features that meet the technical security requirements of the IEC 62443 standard. Operators can use these features to create user accounts and roles, grant different access privileges, and manage access to devices across networks. Moxa’s solutions can help network administrators review the validity of the existing accounts and secure networks against threats and unauthorized access.

Protect Sensitive Data

As data collected from today’s IIoT applications plays a key role in enhancing production efficiency, industrial operators are looking for ways to ensure the integrity of this data. Moxa’s devices support advanced HTTPS/SSH features, which provide a secure channel for data transfer over unsecure networks ensuring reliable processing and retrieval of data. To protect data from being stolen or corrupted, Moxa provides functions such as SNMP password encryption and network configuration encryption, which ensure the highest level of protection for your network devices.

Audit Network Events

Your cybersecurity journey does not end when your network security solution is up and running. You must constantly monitor your networks and audit network events for potential threats. Although it is quite difficult to detect breaches in real time, security event logs can help you identify the source of the issue. Information from these data logs can be used to track network activities, analyze potential threats, or identify devices that are incorrectly configured, which you can then use to disconnect user access, delete user accounts, or restart devices.

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