Cold-Chain Monitoring of Vaccines in Vehicles and Buildings

KoolZone was founded in 2015 in Germany and now has global headquarters in Henley-on-Thames in the UK, then focusing on monitoring refrigeration temperatures as a disruptor to the manually intensive practices employed by the food sector to meet food safety standards.

However, it soon became apparent that MaaS (Monitoring-as-a-Service) using plug-and-play long-range wireless technology (LoRaWAN) was the key to safety, compliance, and cost reduction across a wide range of industries.

Business Challenge

Koozone worked closely with Robustel’s Global IoT Solutions Architect, David Evans to solve two critical business challenges for Vaccination Monitoring.

Installing Sensors Inside Fridges

Koolzone sensors use powerful long range (LoRaWAN) wireless communications, which easily transmit data through the walls of freezers to the Robustel gateway.

Reliability of 3G/4G communication

Using Robustel Smart Roaming in all deployed R3000-LG LoRaWAN Gateways Koolzone were able to achieve excellent overall estate uptime on 3G/4G connections.

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