Remote Intelligent Monitoring System od AGV Forklift Based on RobustVPN

At the heart of all of Robustel’s routers is the “RobustOS” operating System. With 5 years of maturity and innovative features, RobustOS offers customers a very professional product with an easy to navigate Graphical User Interface and the connection stability required by critical IoT applications. The router occupies a very small footprint which is useful for space-constrained applications such as bus signs, ticketing machines, vending machines, covert surveillance & digital signage applications.

Robustel is a leading global industrial IoT/M2M hardware and solution provider. Since inception in 2010, Robustel has focussed on manufacturing and design of industrial cellular routers, gateways, modems, cloud platforms and end to end solutions. Robustel has set up local offices in Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, UK, Japan and Hong Kong and has a global distribution network providing a service in over 100 countries.


Company Basics
Location: China
Industry: Robot Manufacturing
Project Basics
Project Start Date: 2020
Deployed Quantity: Estimated 100+ units (in year 2020)
Sub-category: Digital Factory/Industry 4.0
Sub-category: Factory Automation
Customer Background: Established in 2002, the customer is one of the top ten brands of industrial robots in China. It is also a member of the German Logistics Alliance BVL and has passed ISO9001 certification while the products have won many domestic and foreign awards. The customer devoted on the research and development, production and sales of AGVs, using advanced technologies such as inertial navigation, laser navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, and magnetic navigation.

Application and Functioning


Original usage scenario:

Through the factory WiFi, the AGV is connected to a computer in the local area network to realize real-time monitoring.

Existing problem:

In this usage scenario, some AGVs need to move around the factory area due to long distance, the WiFi connection is unstable. In addition, through the 4G/5G network connection, it is also possible to monitor AGV in other places in real time.


  • Use R1510 industrial router, networked with and powered by AGV.
  • The R1510 works immediately when AGV starts and actively connects to the RCMs platform. Through the PLC operation and maintenance function, the AGV transmits data to the remote monitoring computer to realize remote monitoring based on VPN.
  • Optimize the RCMS app connection time to the RCMS platform, reducing the original receiving time from 3-4 minutes to less than 1 minutes and 30 seconds.

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