Extend The Life of Your Serial Devices With NPort Device Servers

A large number of legacy devices in the field can be very discouraging to engineers when they have to connect them to collect data remotely. Backed by our proven industrial connectivity expertise, our serial-to-Ethernet solutions can give your legacy devices a new lease on life. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about spending extra time and money on replacing these devices that are still in good working condition. Our NPort serial device servers not only meet your different connectivity demands, but also ensure that device connectivity is easy, secure, and reliable.

Commonly Seen Serial Devices

The Coexistence of Serial and Ethernet Devices

Although Ethernet-based communication interfaces are the trend, it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all your existing serial devices to pursue a full revamp. When upgrading a system, a number of considerations need to be taken account, of which equipment cost plays a major deciding factor. For example, replacing a CNC machine is extremely costly, which would tremendously impact the budget of most businesses. Another considerable cost burden is the deployment costs attached to replacing dozens of serial-based power meters, as more IP devices would require more investment on networking switches and SCADA-licensed nodes. Therefore, it makes sense to keep the RS-485 power meters, which come with the benefits of multidrop wiring. Furthermore, replacing other legacy devices such as IEDs also comes with high acquisition and deployment costs.

Adding serial-to-Ethernet device servers between your serial devices and modern systems is a cost-saving and effortless solution to not only enjoy the simplicity of serial communications but also take advantage of what Ethernet offers you.

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