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Speedbumps in the Distributed Data Acquisition Field

Data is at the heart of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To make critical data-informed decisions, businesses first need to capture and collect data from all sorts of devices from the field before converting it into valuable business information. However, when putting an Industrial IoT strategy into action, businesses are faced with a number of critical challenges, including handling data acquisition over vast distances and from different communications protocols, as well as the need to use devices that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  1. Complex Integration of Devices for Mass Deployment

When putting an Industrial IoT strategy into action, handling data acquisition from a heterogeneous network can be a drain on engineering resources.

  1. Unstable Data Transmission in Extreme Environments

Wireless performance and stability are heavily affected by environmental temperatures, especially when coupled with the extra heat generated by 4G LTE components.

  1. Maintaining Uptime in Unmanned Locations

The computing platforms at the edge of a network are often located at remote sites, making maintenance extremely difficult and expensive

  1. Unauthorized Access to Valuable Business Data

As businesses enjoy the benefits of quick data transmission, data integrity can be compromised by unauthorized access.