IN Series, 1/2/3 kVA

Single Phase

The Amplon IN series is a True Online Double-ConversionUPS in tower configuration with in-built Galvanic Isolation Transformer Galvanic isolation is recommended for all critical IT application Galvanic Isolation is also useful for installations at sites with poor power condition with weak neutral. The Amplon IN series with inbuilt galvanic isolation acts as a barrier to all raw mains power quality problems and provides clean uninterrupted supply to the critical load.

Amplon IN series is designed for short as well as long backup time requirements with the addition of external batteries. An in-built high level charger shortens the recharging period & increase the availability.

Applications: Server Network Security Medical Education BFSI

  • Double-conversion technology.
  • In-built galvanic isolation transformer.
  • Automatic input frequency.
  • AC-start and battery-start capabilities
  • Comprehensive LC Display for monitoring of all UPS
  • Parameters and operating mode / status
  • Suitable for severe utility conditions (Commercial, Residencial & Rural sites)
  • High recharging capability increases availability.
  • Suitable for short (in-built batteries) as well as long (external batteries) backup
  • Additional in-built battery charging capabilities upto 12A
  • Smart slot to support Mini SNMP /Mini ModBus /Mini Relay I/O Interface for mission critical applications
  • In-built maintenance bypass switch for online maintenance in Addision to static bypass (automatic)
  • Option of Air filters for dusty environment.
  • High input power factor (IPF> 0.97) and low iTHD saves on installation cost
  • Wide input voltage range and stable power supply extends battery life
  • High energy efficiency saves on operative cost and electricity bill.
1kVA/800W 2kVA/1600W 3kVA/2400W
 Nominal Voltage 230 Vac (single phase)
 Voltage Range 80 ~ 280 Vac (full load) *
50 or 60 ± 5 Hz
 Power Factor  ≥ 0.97
 Electrical Connection
Input terminal block
 Voltage  230 Vac (single phase)

 Voltage Regulation  ± 1%
 Frequency  50 or 60 ± 0.05 Hz
 Transient Response
< 4% (10 ∼ 90% linear load)
 Voltage Harmonic
≤ 2% (linear load)
 Overload Capability 125% for 3 m inutes
150% for 30 seconds
Crest Factor  3:1
 Waveform Pure Sine Wave

India type 5A/5-pin x 2 nos.
Output terminal block
Galvanic Isolation Transformer
Provided as standard in UPS at input/output
(configured as per customer requirement)
Rated Voltage
[1kVA/800W]:36 Vdc
[2kVA/1600W]:72 Vdc
[3kVA/2400W]:72 Vdc
Charger Capacity
Standard built-in: 4A (adjustable)
Additional built-in: 1kVA ~ 4A, 2/3kVA ~ upto 8A
External charger
In steps of 4A (as per backup requirement)
 Electrical Connection Battery Terminal Block
Online, Bypass, On-battery, overload, Battery low, Fault replace battery, Battery level, Load level
 LCD Input / Output (Voltage, Frequency), Output load kVA / kW

Battery voltage, Battery charge / discharge current
RS232 x 1, Smart Slot x 1
 Management Peripherals Mini SNMP card, Mini ModBus card, Mini relay I/O control card, Mini USB card, Mini TVSS card
 Safety  EN62040-1-1
CISPRClassA (Yes)
 AC-start  Yes
 External Battery Pack  Optional
 Maintenance Bypass  Optional
 Efficiency (AC-AC)
> 85% (full load)
 Temperature 0 ~ 4 5ºC
 Relative Humidity
0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
 Audible Noise (at one meter)  54 dBA
 Dimensions (WxDxH)
[1kVA/800W]:225 x 4 25 x 400 mm
[2kVA/1600W]:225 x 4 25 x 400 mm
[3kVA/2400W]:225 x 500 x 527 mm
[1kVA/800W]:25 kg
[2kVA/1600W]:40 kg
[3kVA/2400W]:45 kg
* Rated output at 250 C ** Lower range 80 ~ 176 Vac is acceptable under 50 ~ 100% loading condition. Customise variants can be offered against specific customer requirements.

Product Developement is continuous process and all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.