HPH Series 20-120 kW

Three Phase, 20/30/40/60/80/100/120 kW

Best-in-class power protection with maximum power and cost efficiency

The Ultron HPH is a true online double-conversion UPS offering the best-in-class combination of maximum available power, unbeatable energy efficiency and superior power performance for small data centers and other mission critical applications. With fully rated power (kVA=kW), the Ultron HPH provides maximum available power without de-rating the UPS. Thanks to the three level IGBT topology for both PFC (power factor correction) and inverter, the Ultron HPH features up to 96% AC-AC efficiency. Delta’s advanced digital PFC control also contributes low iTHD < 3% and high input power factor > 0.99 resulting in significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings. Facilitating increased availability and power performance, the Ultron HPH is an ideal solution for protecting your mission critical operations.

Applications: Datacenter Telecom Industrial Network Security Lab Medical Metro Banking

Best-in-Class Power Performance and Efficiency

  • Fully rated power (kVA=kW) for maximum power availability
  • Leading AC-AC efficiency up to 96% saves energy costs
  • Low harmonic pollution (iTHD<3%) & high input power factor (>0.99) reduce upstream investment costs

Assured Reliability

  • Wide input voltage range allows the UPS to operate in harsh electrical environments and extends battery life
  • DSP based technology enables reduction in the number of electronic components to lower failure rate
  • Redundant auxiliary power and fan design* enhance system reliability.
    (* Applied for models HPH-60/80/100/120K)
  • Watch-dog design of dual auxiliary power circuit to eliminate single-point failure to ensure reliability
  • Built-in manual bypass ensures continuous power to the load even if the UPS is under maintenance

Greater Flexibility

  • A wide choice of configurations, such as N+X redundancy, and hot stand-by
  • Adjustable charging current and battery voltage meet different battery configuration requirements
  • Flexible battery configuration optimizes battery investment

Superior Serviceability and Management

  • Swappable interior architecture and front access servicing enables quick and easy maintenance*
    (* Applied for models HPH-60/80/100/120K)
  • Multi-connectivity interface supports remote UPS monitoring and management
 Model HPH-20K, HPH-30K, HPH-40K,
HPH-60K, HPH-80K, HPH-100K, HPH-120K
 Power Rating [20K]: 20 kVA/kW
[30K]: 30 kVA/kW
[40K]: 40 kVA/kW
[60K]: 60 kVA/kW
[80K]: 80 kVA/kW
[100K]: 100 kVA/kW
[120K]: 120 kVA/kW
 Nominal Voltage  380/220 Vac, 400/230 Vac, 415/240 Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G)
 Voltage Range  -40% ~ 20% (242 ~ 477/140 ~ 276 Vac) **
 Frequency  40~70Hz
 Power Factor
> 0.99 (full load)
 Current Harmonic Distortion  < 3%
 Voltage  380/220 Vac, 400/230 Vac, 415/240 Vac (3 phase, 4-wire + G)
 Voltage Regulation ± 1 %
 Voltage Harmonic Distortion [20-40K]: < 1.5% (linear load)
[60-120K]: <2% (linear load)
 Overload Capability  ≤105 %: continuous
106% ~ ≤125%: 10 minutes
126% ~ ≤150%: 1 minute
>150%: 1 second
 Output Power Factor  1
 Frequency  50/60Hz +/- 0.05Hz
 Type  Support SMF/VRLA/Tubular/Ni-Cd
 Quantity  [20-40K]: 32-50 pcs

 [60-120K]: 32-46 pcs****
 In-built Charge Current (Max.) [20K]: 5A
[30/40K]: 9A
[60K]: 10A
[80K]: 15A
[100/120K]: 20A
 Typical Backup Time*** [20K-BN/B]: 15 min
[30K-BN/B]: 10 min
[40K-BN/B]: 9.5 min
 Communication Interfaces SMART Slot x 1, MINI Slot x 1, Parallel Port x 2, RS232 Port x 1, REPO Port x 1, Charger Detection Port x 1, Input Dry Contact x 2, Output Dry Contact x 6, USB Port x 1*
 Safety  CE, RCM
 Parallel Redundancy  Up to 4 units
 Other Features
 Emergency Power Off  Yes (local and remote)
 Maintenance Bypass Switch  Yes
 Online Mode  Up to 96% (HPH 40-120K efficiency is tested by TÜV)
 ECO Mode  Up to 99%
 Operating Temperature  0 ~ 40˚C
 Relative Humidity  5% ~ 95% (no condensing)
 Audible Noise [20K]: < 55 dB
[30/40K]: < 60 dB
[60-120K]: < 65 dB
 Dimensions (W x D x H) [20-40K]: 380 x 800 x 800 mm
[60/80K]: 520 x 800 x 1175 mm
[100/120K]: 520 x 800 x 1760 mm
 Weight [20K]: 66.5 kg
[30K]: 86.06 kg
[40K]: 86.5 kg
[60K]: 186.5 kg
[80K]: 191 kg
[100/120K]: 312 kg
 Physical (BN/B)
 Dimensions (W x D x H)  [20-40K]: 490 x 830 x 1400 mm
 Weight (with batt.)  [20K-B]: 365 kg
[30K/40K-B]: 385 kg
 Weight (without batt.)  [20K-BN]: 131 kg
[30/40K-BN]: 162 kg
 HPH-B: UPS integrated battery model has batteries inside
HPH-BN: UPS integrated battery model has no batteries inside* Applied for models HPH-60/80/100/120K
** When input voltage is 242 ~ 324/140 ~ 187 Vac, the sustainable loading is from 70% to 100% of the UPS capacity.
*** At 70% load with internal battery strings.
**** UPS needs de-rating for battery quantity 32-34 pcs

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.